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Spigen Has Launched 33 New Cases for Apple's Soon-to-Be Announced 'iPhone 7'

The case-maker has unveiled a number of new cases for Apple's next-generation handset, even though the smartphone hasn't been announced yet
August 25, 2016

Spigen, the iOS accessory-maker that specializes in protective cases for the iPhone (and iPad) lines, has unveiled a total of 33 cases for Apple’s unannounced “iPhone 7” series devices.

It's a gamble, for both Spigen and its customers.

Over at Spigen’s website, there are cases for both the unannounced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets, with the differentiating factor between the two being the larger, dual-camera module in the Plus-sized smartphone. Prices range from $15 to $40, depending on the nature of the case itself.

Of course, given the unannounced nature of the iPhone 7, it’s uncertain whether these cases will even fit the new iPhones, as AppleInsider observes. It’s a big gamble, for both the manufacturer and consumer, since the case designs appear to be based on leaked iPhone 7 schematics. Other companies, including the much-loved Incase, don’t use leaked specifications when designing their own lines of cases and accessories for upcoming iOS devices.

Spigen, however, has indeed taken the plunge and has made its iPhone 7 cases available for customers to order right now.

Our advice? Wait until the new handsets are launched. Then decide whether you’re interested in one of Spigen’s cases or not. If rumors concerning a possible iPhone Smart Connector are true, we could see cases adopt some interesting uses of the technology before the year is out.