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Sprint Unveils 'Unlimited Freedom Premium' With HD Video Streaming

The new plan costs $80 per month, and allows users to consume unlimited data and stream videos in high definition over Sprint's cellular network
August 26, 2016

Sprint has just unveiled a new addition to its Unlimited Freedom plans: Unlimited Freedom Premium, which is an $80 per month option that allows customers to stream video in HD over the carrier's network.

As you'll remember, Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan came with a couple of catches. Sure, it allowed customers to access an unlimited cellular data plan for $60 per month (for a single line). But the problem came with video streaming: this, the carrier explained, would be “optimized” (read: standard definition), as opposed to full-res HD. T-Mobile's similar plan offered a $25 extra fee to unlock HD streaming, and this is kind of what Sprint has now done – albeit for a lesser price.

Now, Sprint customers can sign-up for an Unlimited Freedom Premium plan, and this costs an additional $20, coming in at $80 per month. However, this plan allows users to stream content in full HD. In a press release (via 9to5mac), the carrier offered a breakdown of the new plan's core features:

  • For those customers who prefer even higher resolution streaming, our new premium resolution option delivers up to HD-quality streaming experience for video, music and gaming.
  • Customers can select premium resolution streaming on Unlimited Freedom Premium for a total of $80 a month for one line or $140 per month for two lines.
  • Limited time offer: Act now and get Unlimited Freedom Premium for FREE thru 10/31/16, when you sign up for Unlimited Freedom.
  • This plan provides a premium quality mobile streaming experience with HD streaming videos at up to 1080p+, HD music streaming at up to 1.5 Mbps and streaming gaming at up to 8 Mbps.

How does it compare to the competition? Well, T-Mobile's One plan with the $25 HD option comes in at $95. Sprint's option, as you can see, comes in at $80. And a similar plan from AT&T is sky-high, at $150. Verizon? It doesn't even offer unlimited, so don't bother.

Whether you really need an unlimited plan like this is up to you. But it's good, at least, to have the option – even if it does come at a cost. For more information, call by Sprint's website.