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Start Remembering Names With Name Skillz

November 1, 2018

Some people find it easy to remember names, but most of us struggle to keep track of all the Joshs and Jennifers and we encounter every day.

There’s nothing quite like the dread of bumping into somebody whose name you can’t remember – particularly if you’re with a third person and they’re waiting for an introduction.

And it can be downright hurtful to realize that the person you’re speaking to is struggling to remember your name.

You probably thought this problem was unsolvable – just one of those things sent to try us, like rain and headaches. But it’s not. Thanks to Name Skillz, an ingenious new lifehack app from developer Neuro Skillz, you’ll never have to forget a name again.

It works a lot like other educational apps you might have used, such as Duolingo. The name-remembering process is broken down into three steps, starting with first principles, before moving onto picture and word association, and finally a test in pseudo real world conditions.

These steps are based on scientifically proven approaches to improving retention. The app uses a flashcard system to create associations between the 200 most common names and a variety of memorable images and ideas, before allowing you to hone your skills in a virtual environment.

All this learning is gamified, with fun presentation and a ranking system that makes the whole learning experience joyful instead of tedious.

The benefit of Name Skillz isn’t simply that it makes you more polite. There are numerous walks of life in which knowing a person’s name can mean the difference between glory and disaster.

Whether you’re a business person, a realtor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a cop, the confidence you project when you remember a name is totally invaluable.

Name Skillz is available for $4.99. Download it now on the App Store and Google Play.