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Student Planning App Subjects Arrives on the iPad

May 8, 2023

Making the most of your time is always important when you’re a student. Juggling your schedule, grades, and homework, along with much more can take its toll.

But the app Subjects wants to help high school and college students be more productive. And the app has just taken a big step up with a recent update to add an iPad version.

The app is made to help in three different areas.

First up, the app can help manage your schedule so you will always know what class you need to be in. In both a timeline an calendar view, you can see your schedule in the most convenient way. It also supports advanced repeating rules like A/B weeks and recurring days.

In the new iPad version, there is also a Week View for a better looks at both the timetable and calendar. You can also see your current class progress.

Another big part of school is homework, and Subjects features a number of great features to help you manage assignments. In the app, you can add important information like title, notes, and due date.

After completion you can also set the grade and see your progress.

Speaking of grades, the app uses all known grading systems around the world and calculate GPA. You can also tailor the grade for a specific subjects. It’s also possible to enter weighted assignments.

To help collaborate with others, you can share a single or multiple subjects with people you choose. You can manage permissions and track subscribers.

Thanks to a great notification suite, you can always know about an upcoming class or assignment.

You can also take advantage of more than 20 different widgets so you can see important information on your iPhone home screen.

Students is a free download now on the App Store. It’s for the iPhone and all iPad models.

You’ll need a subscription of $1.99 per month or $9.99 yearly to use the app and all of its features. There is a one-week free trial.

Download the app

Subjects — student planner
Subjects — student planner