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Symphonia Helps Anyone Make Music With Artificial Intelligence

Symphonia Helps Anyone Make Music With Artificial Intelligence

February 10, 2020

Anyone can make music with the new app Symphonia.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, there’s no need to know anything about music to use the app.

To start, just sing a melody. The app will detect the notes it hears and then transform it into a MIDI format that can be exported to other programs. You can also share the results with a simple link

You can select from a wide variety of different instruments to help build that perfect creation.

Some of the options include pianos/keyboards, strings, guitars, basses, woodwinds, brass, ethnic instruments, and percussion.

While composing, you can snap a melody to a specific scale like jazz or blues. There is even the option to manually edit the song.

I spent some time trying out the app and was definitely impressed. I have absolutely no musical experience, but in just a few minutes I was able to easily create music.

Symphonia is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

Symphonia : Recording Studio
Symphonia : Recording Studio
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