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Tabs Is an All-In-One Locator and Smart Solution for Your Home

January 11, 2018

Tabs is a subscription-free GPS tracker and smart home solution with busy families in mind. Equipped with door, window, and air quality sensors, the system also includes palm-sized monitors for tracking your kid’s activities and locations in real-time.

Tabs, which was originally launched on Kickstarter, is available in two variations, a Home Health and Security Kit and Family Locator Kit. A Tabs app for iOS controls every component.

Both kits come with a master hub which gives you a LoRaWAN network with up to one mile of coverage. The hub features a dual-band 801.11ac Wi-Fi router that can be used to replace your existing high-speed wireless router, create a new separate network, or use as a Wi-Fi extender to your existing home network.

The Home Health & Security Kit includes the Tabs hub, three door and windows sensors, one motion sensor, and a healthy home sensor.

The Family Locator Kit comes with one wristband locator and two Tabs locators. There’s also a mini-hub which acts as an add-on network antenna. Powered by a 5V USB or wall outlet, it creates coverage wherever you go, as long as you have Internet access.

I recently received a Tabs system for review and testing purposes. So far, my experience with using the system has been positive, although there’s much more to test ahead before publishing a review.

Tabs is currently in mass production and available to order starting at $229. Current buyers will receive a lifetime subscription.