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Take Your Apple Music Playlists to the Next Level With Miximum

July 1, 2019

Any Apple Music subscriber probably has a number of customized playlists for different situations. And the new app Miximum can help take your playlists to the next level.

The app allows you to turn all of your Apple Music playlists into custom mixes. You can combine an unlimited amount of playlists into a larger mix.

To help further customize a mix, you can create rules to help select the exact tunes you want. It is also easy to search, sort, and collect tracks when maxing a mix.

All of the different mixes created using the app can be sync to other devices using iCloud. And those mixes can also be exported into your library as a playlist.

You can also add the app into a workflow with Siri Shortcuts and URL schemes.

Miximum is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

Mike Clay