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The app economy? There's an Apple original TV series for that

Apple's first original TV project is going to be about apps
Apple Announces
March 25, 2016

Apple’s first foray into original TV is going to be a series about … apps.

That’s according to The New York Times, which reports: “Apple announced on Thursday that it was working with the entertainer and two veteran TV executives, Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, on a new show that will spotlight the app economy.”

A documentary series?

A documentary series?

One of the things with the App Store that was always great about it was the great ideas that people had to build things and create things.

- Eddy Cue

Important details about the show are yet to be disclosed. “Executives declined to discuss specifics, such as financing, title, timeline, storylines, episode length or how people will watch the show,” the Times notes.

However, Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, is quoted as saying, “One of the things with the App Store that was always great about it was the great ideas that people had to build things and create things.”

Presumably, the show will be a documentary series about the ins and outs of app development, at least as it relates to Apple’s App Store. It will most probably feature interviews with developers and users of well-known apps.

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In any case, the show isn’t supposed to be indicative of a deliberate effort by Apple to focus on producing original programming, with Cue saying that the move “doesn’t mean that we are going into a huge amount of movie production or TV production or anything like that.”

The first non-music program from Apple

The first non-music program from Apple

Apple has released programming that the company itself financed or otherwise helped produce. But the programming in question, including shows and videos exclusively available on Apple Music as promotional material for the music streaming service, has been more or less confined within the sphere of music.

There’s Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video, released in October. There’s Taylor Swift’s “1989 World Tour Live” concert documentary, released in December. There’s “The Score,” a six-part documentary series made by Apple in partnership with Vice, which premiered earlier this week.

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Apple has also been reported to have been bankrolling “Vital Signs,” a semiautobiographical drama series starring Dr. Dre, who joined Apple when the company purchased Beats, the audio firm he cofounded, in 2014.

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