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The final episode of the thrilling République has arrived

Hope still needs your help, unlock Episode 5: Terminus
Pocket Gaming
March 23, 2016

The fifth and final episode of the dramatic saga of République was released yesterday, March 22. Episode 5: Terminus will bring closure for players who have immersed themselves in this epic adventure.

Here are the details for this last episode:

As Hope and the player bring the fight for freedom directly to the Overseer, they must choose their sides carefully, or risk becoming the injustice they’re trying to stop.

• Hostile Cameras: security cameras scattered through Episode 5 will scan Hope and alert guards to her presence, ratcheting up Republique’s tension and complexity.
• Branching Paths: In a first for Republique, players may choose Hope’s path through Episode 5, or let her decide her fate–each path contains hours of unique gameplay.
• A New Metamorphosis: revisit dramatically transformed areas from previous episodes, craft new tools to aid Hope’s escape, meet new enemies, and forge new alliances.

- Republique on the App Store

Here is a preview of the episode and just click here if you cannot see the video:

Game overview

République is an intense game where you help a woman named Hope. She is trapped and trying to escape a totalitarian state. You use the security cameras to help her find a way out. With puzzles, strategy, and decision-making, it is up to you to save her.

République is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for $4.99 on the App Store with in-app purchases for additional episodes.

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