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The Tech Media Minute: Ahead of Apple's 'iPhone 7' Launch, Samsung Recalls the Exploding Galaxy Note 7

The hottest stories in tech, Sept. 2, 2016
September 2, 2016

On Friday, Samsung announced a huge product recall that could influence upcoming “iPhone 7” sales. Elsewhere, Ireland joined Apple in appealing a huge tax ruling.

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It’s a bad moment for Samsung

Imagine this scenario: Apple announces a new iPhone. Less than a month later, Cupertino is forced to remove the product from the market because of faulty batteries that catch fire.

Welcome to Samsung’s world of hurt.

On Friday, the South Korean company announced a voluntary global recall on every Galaxy Note 7 it has produced to date. The reason: “Samsung’s faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets don’t just fail, they explode,” according to BGR.

The Galaxy Note 7 was officially announced on Aug. 2.

Ireland appeals recent Apple tax ruling

The Irish government has joined Apple in appealing the recent European Commission ruling demanding that the iPhone maker pay $15 billion in underpaid tax.

According to Reuters, the government will ask parliament to authorize the legal challenge:

Apple chief executive Tim Cook warned on Thursday that if the Dublin government did not join it in appealing, this would send the wrong message to business in a country whose economic model depends in part on companies like his.

Predictions for Wednesday

We’ve already made our predictions for next week’s “iPhone 7” event. Others are now making the rounds:

On this day

On this day

On this day

Today, Sept. 2 is VJ Day. Tomorrow, Sept. 3 is International Bacon Day. On Monday, the U.S. celebrates Labor Day.

IFA begins in Berlin through Sept. 7.

Rewind: On this day in 1666, the Great Fire of London started. On Sept. 5, 1774, The First Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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