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The Tech Media Minute: Should Apple Look to Samsung to Improve iPhone Sales?

The hottest stories in tech, July 29, 2016
The World Around You
July 29, 2016

Welcome to Friday. Here’s our daily look at what’s happening in the world of technology.

Top news stories

Top news stories

Top news stories

Should Apple look to Samsung to improve iPhone sales? 

Fortune suggests that Apple can improve iPhone sales by looking at what Samsung has done with its popular Galaxy S7 lineup. Among the suggestions:

  • Lower the price
  • Bundle the phone with “something cool,” such as the Apple Watch
  • Add a bigger battery, even if that means the iPhone is slightly thicker
  • Make the iPhone waterproof

These are excellent proposals, although I don’t expect Apple to address any of the first three. The last one is almost certainly coming, this year or next. Whether the phone is waterproof or water-resistant remains to be seen, however.

Control your Nest from your watch

The latest Google Nest app update allows you to control your thermostat with your Apple Watch.

Other features in the 5.6 update:

  • Spaces groups your Nest products by room and lets you see all your cameras at once. And if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, shows you all of their live views.
  • Share a password protected live view of your camera. Now grandma can see what the kids are up to at
  • 1080p support for Dropcam Pro.
  • Automatic video quality adjustment helps make sure you get a continuous, clear picture.
Nest - Your home in your hand
Nest - Your home in your hand
Nest Labs, Inc

Make it an Apple TV weekend

Tired of the warm weather? There’s a lot of great content just waiting to be found on Apple TV. Take a look:

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Disney Movies Anywhere – Watch your Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars Movies! On this day

Today, July 29 is National Lasagna Day. On Saturday, celebrate National Cheesecake Day. On Sunday, it’s Mutt’s Day.

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Extra reading

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