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Thinkrolls Space Takes the Family Friendly Puzzle Series Out of this World

Thinkrolls Space Takes the Family Friendly Puzzle Series Out of this World

June 12, 2019

From developer Avokiddo, the Thinkrolls series has always been known for its fun logic puzzles perfect for kids and adults. And the latest entry is heading out of the this world.

Thinkrolls Space

Thinkrolls Space continues the fun with more than 200 different puzzles set across seven unique and colorful planets.

There are 110 easy levels made from kids 5 and older. For a more difficult experience, recommended for 8 and older, there are an additional 108 hard puzzles.

While playing, and solving puzzles, you’ll meet fun friends like cheese monsters, bleeping robots, and spring-like soprano aliens.

You’ll need to use the different aliens to make it across the different levels while trying to navigate vanishing bridges, plasma fields, and more.

Accruing different hearts and stars while playing can be used to unique 24 different alien Thinkrolls to play.

Up to six different player profiles can be said in the game. As a nice touch, especially for younger players, there are no time limits and unlimited lives to help conquer each level.

If you’ve played any of the previous Thinkrolls games, you’ll be right at home with the new title. It’s fun to play​ and will test both kids and older players.

Thinkrolls Space is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $3.99.

Thinkrolls Space
Thinkrolls Space