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Tiny Wings Apple TV

Tiny Wings Officially Launches on Apple TV

Apple TV
December 1, 2016

Popular iOS game Tiny Wings has officially launched today on Apple TV for $2.99. The launch was teased by the game’s developers earlier this week in a preview that showed that the game would offer new multi-player options.

Tiny Wings Multiplayer Mode

One of the highlight features is the ability for two players to play together from one Siri remote or with a Siri remote and an MFI-certified controller, such as the SteelSeries Nimbus. You can even connect to the Tiny Wings app on iOS and use your iPhone or iPad as a controller. Super cool.

tiny wings multiplayer

Other than that, Tiny Wings for the Apple TV is the same game you loved on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a pretty straightforward game that can become pretty addictive once you establish a score that you want to beat, sort of like Crossy Road.

You can learn a little more about it here on our app page or you can go straight to downloading it right here. Enjoy!