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iOS 11 Features Wishlist

Video: Top 30 iOS 11 Features Wishlist

December 1, 2016

EverydayApple Pro is back with another video in which he discusses 30 iOS 11 features he hopes to see in the next iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

In the video, EverythingApplePro goes over a variety of features he hopes to see Apple implement in 2017. Some of the features are interesting and predictable while others seem pointless and unlikely.

For example, one wished feature is the ability for Apple to allow for custom fonts. Let’s be honest with ourselves here: there’s absolutely no way Apple is going to allow for such a thing. They worked hard on creating their own custom San Fransisco font and they see the iPhone as a piece of art, not something that’s customizable. If you want customizable fonts, Android is where you want to be.

Dark Mode, however, does seem like something Apple is working on and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it make its debut in iOS 11, especially since there are strong rumors suggesting that Apple will adopt OLED display technology in next-generation iPhone.

Overall, it’s always interesting to see what people want to see out of Apple each year. Personally speaking, one of the biggest iOS 11 features I hope to see is Apple taking iOS on the iPad to the next level. It still feels like a big freaking iPhone in so many ways.