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Track Your Blood Pressure and Identify Trends With BP Bot

May 10, 2021

Blood pressure is one of the most important metrics regarding your overall heart health. And the new app BP Bot is a great way to record readings and even identify patterns from the data.

You can quickly and easily record blood pressure data using the app. It will also notify you daily to take a reading at a designated time.

Readings can also be categorized with industry standard labels.

That data can be viewed on charts and graphs with monthly averages and other insights. All o the information cab be shared or backed up via email or iMessage.

All of the data is stored on your device or your iCloud account.

BP Bot is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. It’s also available on any Mac with Apple M1 chip.

With the free version, you can record blood pressure readings, view historical recordings, and export data.

There is also a subscription tier available for $4.99 per month with a free, one week trial or $39.99 yearly. You can also select a $1.99 per week option.

With BP Bot Pro, you can see risk factor tracking and and analysis along with blood pressure insights and trend analysis. You can also unlock heart rate tracking, Health app sync, and iCloud sync.