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Travel Through Time and Get to Building in Close Cities

March 13, 2024

Get to building in the relaxing puzzle game Close Cities.

You’ll be traveling through time and constructing cites in different worlds. But there’s no need to have any knowledge of architecture.

For each level, you’ll check the number of blocks needed for a city. The cities must have at least one tile on a road. And to complete a level, each road must contain a number of cities. But there’s one literal roadblock—cities can’t be on two roads.

If you’re having an issue, you can also use a hint to help you through a level.

The game has 160 levels to enjoy. And you can enjoy the game itself as there are no timers or scores, just calm music.

Close Cities is a free download on the App Store now for the iPhone and all iPad models.

A $2.99 in-app purchase will remove all advertisements and provide some hints. There are also additional hint packs available.

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Close Cities
Close Cities
Juan Manuel Altamirano Argudo