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Truck Simulation 19, Out Now, Contains A Virtual USA To Explore

November 15, 2018

Videogames are typically hyperactive and violent. Even the child-friendly ones like Super Mario Odyssey involve bopping things on the head to kill them. That’s why there’s such a thriving market for games that offer a more sedate experience.

And there’s nothing more sedate than driving a truck, a profession that requires you to be sedentary for weeks on end as you ferry goods from location to location, helping to make the world go round.

Truck Simulation 19 is the latest truck simulator on the scene, and it has the makings of a classic.

For a start, it boasts the very best vehicles the trucking world has to offer, with three licensed rigs apiece from Kenworth and MACK.

From Kenworth there’s the superslick and modern T680, the brutishly powerful T880, and iconic W900, which looks like Optimus Prime’s sexier cousin.

MACK, meanwhile, serves up the Anthem, the Pinnacle Axle Back, and the Titan, each of which looks exactly as cool as it sounds.

Every vehicle in Truck Simulation 19 is customisable, meaning you can modify both their insides and their outsides to make them look and run exactly the way you want, allowing you to fulfil your dreams of trucking across America in a kickass rig in perfect detail.

The driver cabs of the Kenworth trucks can be adapted depending on the distance that needs to be covered. MACK trucks can be customized with some more additional modifications to choose from too – not only the colour of each model but also the bumpers, the wheels, wheel sizes, the rims, exterior mirrors and several other parts.

Naturally, the game gives you more to do than simply driving. There are more than 200 different kinds of cargo to transport, from chemical waste to food (best not to get those ones mixed up). Different types of freight require different types of trailer, so you need to choose wisely to avoid calamity.

And there’s stuff to do away from the wheel. Running a haulage business calls for an array of skills, from hiring staff to building new depots to expand your reach. Make the right decisions and you’ll eventually cover the entire US.

At the moment that only extends to the east coast, the south, and the midwest, but eventually every inch of the United States will be virtually mapped in Truck Simulation 19, and you’ll have the run of the entire country.

If you fancy bombing down Route 66 in a ten-ton road monster with an entire continent to explore, download Truck Simulation 19 for €3.99/$2.99/£2.99 on the App Store (the Android version is free to download initially, with the full version then being unlocked for the same price).

Truck Simulation 19
Truck Simulation 19
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