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Turn Your iPhone Into an iPod Classic With Rewound

December 11, 2019

Update (12/16): Apple has unsurprisingly pulled the app. Read more from the developer here.

Take your Apple Music library into a blast from the past with the new app Rewound.

A Click Wheel and More

A Click Wheel and More

As you can see, the one-handed music player app can morph the modern device into an old-school iPod Classic.

Finding the interface does require a few steps inside the app. Since Apple doesn’t approve apps featuring images of its products or interfaces, the iPod Classic skin isn’t included with the app. But I was up and running in just a few seconds.

You can browse albums, artists, songs, and playlists with the iconic click wheel. There is even haptic support for an even more realistic feel. On top of the interface is just the time and battery level.

While the app currently only supports Apple Music, Spotify support is coming soon.

Rewound can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. There are in-app purchases available.

If you’re interested in taking a step back in time, don’t wait to download the app as Apple could decide to pull it from the App Store because of the iPod Classic skin.