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Twelve South unveils its new TimePorter travel case and charger for Apple Watch

The new product allows users to store - and charge - their wearable in style while on the road
April 7, 2016

Twelve South, the folks behind a huge range of beautiful, functional Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch accessories, have a new product designed for folks looking to take their smart watch on the road. It’s called TimePorter, and it serves a couple of useful purposes.

The accessory, as Twelve South explains online, “sets the standard for how you carry your essential Watch accessories.” I know when I’m travelling, I bung my Apple Watch cable, power plug, and bands into my Knomo bag (alongside a bunch of other Apple products and travel essentials), and hit the road. Carrying the Apple Watch charger around is made much easier for Brits thanks to its folding plug-prongs (something I’m still desperate to see reach Apple’s other iOS device chargers!), but the otherall experience is far from streamlined – and there’s a good chance you could lose something along the way.

Twelve South’s TimePorter is designed to hold onto the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, its USB charger, a spare band, and more inside a single capsule. You can even slip the magnetic charger inside the TimePorter and rest your Apple Watch atop while it charges, making for a sweet portable travel charger. Twelve South explains:

What can you fit inside TimePorter? Everything you need to dress and power your Watch, including your Apple Watch charging cable. There’s room for an extra band so you can carry the sport band you use when running or working out. You can also fit your Apple Watch USB adapter (US or International) inside this handy leather case. How’s that for convenience?

Draping your Apple Watch over the top of TimePorter in this way also allows users to check on notifications as they come in. (I’m unsure how well it might work with Night Mode, but I’m hopeful the capsule will allow the Apple Watch to be mounted sideways, too, in order to enable this mode while charging.) Most importantly, though, it’ll tidy up the Apple Watch’s super-long charging cable and keep everything together while you’re travelling.

Anyone who has traveled with the extra-long Watch cable knows how unruly it can be. TimePorter neatly spools the lengthy cable and feeds out just enough cable to reach the nearest outlet. An integrated portal holds the charging disc flush with the outer surface of TimePorter so you can lay your Watch across the leather case for charging. TimePorter keeps your charging cable from tangling and eliminates that hornet’s nest of cable on tiny hotel nightstands.

TimePorter will be available for $49.99 in May, in both black and white; anyone interested in purchasing the product can sign-up for the waiting list at Twelve South’s website.