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Twinkle is an Ingenious Dating App that Cuts Down on Mindless Swiping

May 31, 2021

There are plenty of dating apps to choose from, but very little actual choice. Despite a veneer of variety, with different apps targeting different types of romance-seekers, the basic experience has become all-too familiar.

Until now. Twinkle is a new dating app that shakes up the scene with some ingenious innovations, ensuring that your quest to find love won’t be blighted by endless swiping and interminable trawls through countless poorly filtered matches.

At the heart of Twinkle is a simple but ingenious twist. Instead of charging users a fortune to become premium customers, it limits the number of Likes a user can make in a day, and offers up premium features a la carte. This encourages everybody to use their search filters wisely.

Search settings include everything from distance and age range to educational level and height. You can identify matches by smoking habits, likes and dislikes, and – of course – what they’re looking for in a relationship, whether that be a casual hookup or a long term partnership.

Using these criteria, Twinkle gives you a Match Queue containing all of the fellow users that fit the bill. You can send a Like to any of these admirers by spending some Match Juice.

This notifies your crush, and they then have the opportunity to respond. And this is where another of Twinkle’s clever new features comes in. You can add a user-specific Shout to your profile, giving you the digital equivalent of a pick-up line to get the ball rolling.

Twinkle consigns swiping – the depressingly emblematic gesture of our disposable age – to the past. Instead, the app lets you off the hook by only offering up matches that you’ve got an excellent chance of getting on with.

And you can chat with your matches for free, as well as seeing who Liked your profile – two of the most useful features of any dating app, along with this one: Twinkle also tells you know when a user was last active, saving you the trouble of trying to connect with somebody who isn’t actually around.

Twinkle has been available on Android for a lot longer than it has on iOS. For that reason, it may appear relatively undiscovered when you spot it on the App Store. Don’t worry – there are tons of Android users on the app, and they can’t wait to check out your profile.

You can download Twinkle for free right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.