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Unwind is a Breathing Companion to Help You Better Sleep, Focus, or Wake Up

September 24, 2020

Getting through each day in 2020 has been a challenge for most everyone. Unwind wants to help you uses guided breathing exercises to help you start your day fresh, relax during the day, or sleep better.

Once you set a sleeping schedule, the app will show the appropriate breathing exercise depending on the time of day.

After completing an exercise, anyone with an Apple Watch can see a change in their heart rate after the session.

And the app has recently been updated to take advantage of new iOS 14 features. Most importantly, you can track you daily mindfulness progress with a new home screen widget. Using the App Clips functionality, you can also share an exercise with a friend even if they don’t have the app installed.

Other new features include a daily mindfulness quote to help motivate you, support for the wind down shortcut, and the ability to see current streak and daily target progress after a session.

Unwind is designed for the iPhone. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

A $5.99 in-app purchase will unlock all of the app’s ambiances and access your full history.