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Vía is a Complex and Unique Puzzler

Vía is a Complex and Unique Puzzler

April 13, 2020

It’s time to find your path in the complex puzzler Vía.


In each level, you’ll need to find your way across a challenging path. But there are more than a few hangups across the way.

While trying to move the light prism to the exit portal, you’ll need to tap an available intersection to move it.

There are also three color gems on each path.You’ll also try to activate them before reaching the exit by moving your light prism through them. Activating them will fill with color the journey’s canvas.

Each path is represented by an animal like a deer, eagle, wolf, and iguana.

The game starts simply, but as you progress the puzzles become more intricate and difficult, making Vía a great way to challenge your mind.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, Vía can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

The free version will give you access to the first 30 paths. A $0.99 in-app purchases unlocks the entire game with an additional 70 paths.

Gonzalo Rodriguez del Cid