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Vacuum Robots

Vacuum Robots Finally Work Beautifully Even When Mid-Priced

You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune Anymore for a Good Vacuum Robot
November 1, 2017

It wasn’t that long ago when vacuum robots were either too expensive for most folks or so cheaply made they didn’t work. Those little robots, however, have improved considerably in recent years. Better still: even the mid-priced ones now get the job done.

Back in July 2016, I celebrated the arrival of the then-new iRobot Roomba 980. The vacuum cleaner, which is still on the market, offers lots of great features, including a carpet booster, three-stage cleaning system, multi-room navigation, and iOS app. Despite my glowing review, there’s no denying the Roomba 980 isn’t for everyone when considering its price, around $900.

This summer, I was contacted by ECOVACS ROBOTICS about writing a review on one of the company’s DEEBOT floor cleaning robots. At the time, I hadn’t heard of ECOVACS but was interested in taking a look nonetheless. In particular, I wanted to see how a mid-priced robotic vacuum compared to a top-of-the-line model.



Credit: Amazon

I was very impressed with my DEEBOT, which offered multiple cleaning modes, a smart motion system, and an ECOVACS app for remote control. It also included an array of sensors to easily climb inclines, cross doorsills, and the like. Like most vacuum robots on the market today, it also went back to its charger automatically when necessary.

When judging a vacuum robot, I consider three main points.

First, does it get stuck easily? Getting stuck on an object while working has always been a concern with vacuum robots. Some of the earliest devices on the market would get stuck easily and often. In recent years, the issue has largely been forgotten, at least with the higher-priced models.

My DEEBOT, which retailed for $300, didn’t get stuck once. Given the price point, this was a terrific result.

And yes, the DEEBOT did a great job of picking up the dirt. It’s amazing how much dirt it collected, even after I had used an upright vacuum beforehand.

Second, how is the battery life? Battery life continues to improve for all sorts of devices and I expect the same for vacuum robots.

My home is approximately 1,900 square feet. On the main floor, I have a carpeted living and dining room, and a kitchen with hardwood floors. On the second floor, there are three carpeted bedrooms. On the second floor, the DEEBOT was able to finish the job without another charge. On the first floor, one charge was necessary.

This result matched that of the higher-priced iRobot Roomba 980 so I consider this a win on DEEBOT’s part.

Finally, I look at how much noise the machine is making while in operation. The DEEBOT was so quiet, I barely noticed it was running. I couldn’t say the same about the Roomba or other vacuum robots I’ve encountered. Great job, DEEBOT.

The bottom line: Technology advances have finally made vacuum robots worth considering at nearly every price point. The same couldn’t be said even a few years ago. My advice: Find a mid-priced cleaner on sale and enjoy.

What type of vacuum robot to you use? Let us know below. 

Ecovacs Robotics Inc.