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Vudu On Apple TV

Vudu on Apple TV Becomes a Reality With One Key Restriction

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August 22, 2017

Walmart’s Vudu on Apple TV is now a reality. However, its addition to the set-top box comes with a key limitation that iOS users have already experienced.

With the Vudu app for Apple TV, you can access and watch movies and shows already in your VUDU library. These include titles purchased through Walmart’s service plus those added through UltraViolet, the popular digital video “cloud locker” technology.

However, you can’t make new purchases through the Vudu app. Instead, these purchases must first be performed via the Vudu website or through a non-Apple device. This same restriction is found on the Vudu app for iOS.

As TechCrunch first noted, Apple isn’t the one forcing this restriction:

This restriction on rentals and purchases is not because Apple won’t allow it – it’s because these companies don’t want to split the revenue generated from those purchases with Apple, which takes a cut of all transactions across its platform. They’d rather make such transactions more difficult and cumbersome for end users, rather than allow Apple – a competitor – take a share of their sales.

Vudu was first introduced in 2008 on set-top boxes. One year later, it became the first on-demand service to offer high-definition movies for download to own. In 2010, the company was purchased by Walmart.

As an occasional Vudu user, I’m glad to see the service arrive on Apple TV even with the restrictions. Hopefully, Amazon Video’s entry on the device too won’t be far behind.

You can download the free Vudu app on the Apple TV App Store.

Will you be using Vudu on Apple TV? Let us know in the comments below. 

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