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Developers, Take Note: Vulkan Apps Now Compatible With iOS, MacOS

February 26, 2018

The popular cross-platform 3-D graphics and compute API Vulkan will now work on Apple’s iOS and macOS platforms. Through the Khronos Group Portability Initiative, Vulkan apps may now be ported to iOS devices and Macs.

Khronos members Valve, LunarG, and The Brenwill Workshop worked to make this possible using a collection of free and open source tools, SDKs, and runtime libraries. The initiative’s goal has been designed to run at native performance levels over Metal and DirectX 12 drivers.

By using Dota 2, the group was able to achieve “significantly higher performance” than older native OpenGL drivers.

According to Neil Trevett, VP NVIDIA and Khronos Group President:

Running Vulkan applications on Apple platforms has been the number one request from developers and today’s release of the MoltenVK runtime and LunarG macOS SDK brings that capability to life.

Developers are invited to download the open source Vulkan Portability tools today and provide feedback via Vulkan Ecosystem GitHub Issue. The Vulkan Portability Initiative will continue to strengthen the infrastructure and tooling around bringing Vulkan capabilities to multiple Metal and DX12 platforms – our long-term goal is to enable portable Vulkan code to be executed on any platform that developers care about.

For more information, visit The Khronos Group website.