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WaveStation is an Innovative New Music App That Connects Artists with Fans

September 20, 2018

WaveStation takes its inspiration from the New York hip-hop scene of the 1980s when emerging artists would perform in their neighborhoods and word would spread about the exciting new work being created.

This innovative new service hopes to recreate that grassroots, community-fueled platform for new and emerging talent, giving aspiring artists a source of promotion, feedback, and even income, while also giving music fans access to a whole world of untapped talent.

For artists, WaveStation provides an opportunity to promote their work by uploading tracks and whole albums directly to the platform. This content then appears in the local feed for the city where the artist is based, though users can extend this reach to a global audience with WaveTokens, the app’s hard currency token system.

Artists can also post information about upcoming concerts and parties to their followers. Again, there’s the option to broadcast this information to WaveStation users globally with WaveTokens.

Artists can buy WaveTokens with their own money or receive them as contributions from fans. Then, they can either use them to purchase WaveStation services or cash them out through PayPal.

So if an artist can build up a following on WaveStation there’s every chance they’ll start making some real money through the app alone.

From the point of view of fans, WaveStation is a brilliant tool for discovering new artists, both locally and worldwide. Once discovered, tracks can be curated by location, popularity, genre, and so on.

Fans can also follow artists and performers to see where they’re next going to be performing (or just holding a party). The app comes with an interactive map, containing local parties, event details, and a neat RSVP tool.

And, of course, fans can also show their appreciation for their favorite artists by sending some WaveTokens their way, along with personal messages of feedback, encouragement, gratitude, or whatever.

Whether you’re a music fan or an artist trying to get on the radar, WaveStation is a gold-plated opportunity to plug into your own artistic community, and you should absolutely check it out right now.

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