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AirPods Wireless Charging Case

Still Not Much is Known About the AirPods Wireless Charging Case

September 13, 2017

While Apple announced an AirPods wireless charging case along with the upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat during yesterday’s iPhone X event, information about the product is very scarce.

AppleInsider was able to take a look at the case after yesterday’s event:

AppleInsider staff examined both following the release event. The AirPods Wireless Charging case is functionally identical to the one that comes with the AirPods now, but with the green charging light on the exterior of the case instead of under the lid. The existing AirPods case has exposed metal on the back — which appears to be absent on the pre-release versions of the new case.

With the special case, users can wirelessly charge the AirPods on the AirPower case that will arrive sometime in 2018. It is also compatible with the Apple Watch and new iPhone models – the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

And according to the same report, Apple has yet to decide on a price:

AppleInsider spoke with sources inside Apple not authorized to speak for the company, and was told that pricing on the peripheral had not been decided yet. Our sources declined to provide us a range of prices that were being considered, nor did they discuss even a vague timetable for release.

Currently, Apple charges anyone who misplaces an AirPods case $69 for a replacement. So expect the wireless case to cost more than that amount. Also unknown is whether the case will ever come with AirPods or will only be available as an add-on.