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World Music Day Is Here, and pCloud Is the Perfect Cloud Storage Solution for your Songs

June 21, 2021

Cloud storage is one of the benefits we’ve come to expect from companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It’s just another part of the service, bundled with your account alongside your free email address and calendar access.

But here’s the thing: bundled products and services are never the best. Yes, your Google Drive is convenient, but it can’t compete with a storage solution created by a specialist provider.

pCloud is ust such a provider. This comprehensive cloud storage platform absolutely blows Google and co. out of the water thanks to its outstanding value for money, unrivalled privacy, and innovative pricing.

It has a special affinity for the world of musicians and artists, too, making it the perfect choice for this year’s World Music Day – as it’s a great tool for musicians and music lovers. Being already trusted by more than 15,000,000 users, pCloud receives a gradually increasing number of support from accomplished professionals in the music industry in fact – setting new standards for quality and user experience. When you register you get a free 500gb to get started as well.

Before we get onto that, let’s take a look at how pCloud stacks up against its rivals.

Price-wise, pCloud is significantly cheaper than most other cloud storage services, with a huge 10GB of free storage that absolutely dwarfs the 2GB you get with Dropbox. And once you start paying, the prices are gratifyingly low. An annual 500GB plan costs just $47.88, or $3.99 a month.

But pCloud’s real ace card is its unique lifetime subscription model. For as little as $175 you can have 500GB cloud storage till the end of time. $350, meanwhile, will net you 2TB. That’s twice the price for four times the storage.

pCloud is also the most private and secure of the cloud storage options on the market, thanks to its Crypto Folder facility. This unique feature allows users to upload files to a folder with client-side encryption. Not even pCloud’s employees can get in.

And nor can the world’s most sophisticated hackers.

Unlike most cloud storage services, pCloud comes with its own built in media player. That’s because pCloud is right behind musicians and artists, making it the ideal solution for any budding songwriters and producers out there looking for a safe and convenient place to keep their work.

We’re flagging this up because World Music Day is just around the corner. This annual event takes place on the June 21 – i.e. midsummer – in 130 countries and 100 cities. It sees artists putting on concerts and performances free of charge.

pCloud is useful if you’re a musician too thanks to its range of useful features too. This is because it has a massive range of sharing options compared cloud storage solutions, meaning getting your music out there couldn’t be easier. There’s also the high level of security in place of course, which means any musical creations you create couldn’t be safer.

Also known as Fête de la Musique, World Music Day is a global festival of musical expression, and a source of inspiration for budding musicians everywhere.

If you’re one of them, pCloud is the perfect way to store and retrieve your work. To get started, download pCloud for free right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.