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WWDC 2017: Monument Valley 2 is Revealed and Available Now

In a surprise reveal, Monument Valley 2 is now available
June 5, 2017

The critically-acclaimed Monument Valley was one of the best puzzle game experiences on the App Store when it was released. In a surprise reveal today at the WWDC 2017 keynote, Monument Valley 2 was shown off along with the App Store revamp, and it is now available for download.

Monument Valley 2

A Nice Surprise

Monument Valley 2 A Nice Surprise

For those who have never played Monument Valley, it was one of the first iOS games that used the Escheresque optical illusion perspective into a puzzle game. You had to guide Ida, the main protagonist, along stages that had different perspectives depending on the angle of platforms, bridges, and other objects. The game was popularized because of the gorgeous graphics and amazing soundtrack, while also providing a zen-like puzzle experience for players and telling a story without dialogue.

Monument Valley 2 was shown along with the completely redesigned App Store, and it was a definite surprise for the day. It’s a must-have if you were a fan of Monument Valley or just like relaxing puzzles in general. Monument Valley 2 features new game mechanics, such as controlling two characters at once, light beams, and other obstacles.

I’ll have a full in-depth review of the sequel soon. In the meantime, you can download it on the App Store for $4.99.