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Yahoo Mail Coupons

Yahoo Mail Coupons Arrive Just in Time for the Holidays

November 16, 2017

Yahoo Mail coupons are here. 

On Thursday, Yahoo introduced a new coupon tool on its Yahoo Mail platform. Available on both mobile and the web, the new coupon extraction and “coupon clipping” feature makes it easier to find deals during the holiday shopping season and beyond.

With the new feature, all the coupons found in your email are automatically collected into a single, easy to glance list. From there, you can easily “clip” the coupons you’re most likely to use and receive alerts before they expire.

Don’t have Yahoo Mail? That’s actually okay since Yahoo Mail allows you to connect any Gmail, AOL, or Outlook accounts too.

Here’s how Yahoo explains the coupon feature:

  • Get right to the savings – Yahoo Mail intelligently surfaces the most relevant deal info across your inboxes. No more hunting for the expiration date hidden in the fine print at the bottom of a message!
  • Your coupons in one place – Clip your favorite coupons to easily see them in a single, easy-to-reach view. In the Yahoo Mail mobile apps, clipped coupons show in the Coupons Smart View for easy access to the checkout line.
  • Never miss a deal – Once a coupon is clipped, your mobile app will alert you, via push notification, when a coupon is on the verge of expiring. On desktop mail, clipped coupons show at the top of your inbox until they expire.

The Yahoo Mail 4.21.3 app update also includes a new travel feature that brings together all of your flight information. Like the coupon feature, Yahoo Mail digs into your email to see whether you have an upcoming flight. When you do, it will notify you of any changes to your schedule as it happens.

Other details:

    • Check-in alerts: 24 hours before your flight, you will receive a notification that it is time to check in, which will directly link to the airline’s check-in page.
    • Gate and Terminal details: Six hours before your flight, Yahoo Mail updates your Travel view with relevant information such as gate and terminal details.
    • Gate change, delay, and cancellation alerts: On the day of your flight, Yahoo Mail starts tracking all gate changes, delays, and cancellations and will notify you from the app if and when your travel plans have changed.

The Yahoo Mail app is available in the App Store.

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