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You May Want to Hold off on Buying a New MacBook Pro

Next year could bring lower prices, better specs
November 1, 2016

You’ve waited 12 months for Apple to unveil a new MacBook Pro. When they finally did, it featured an cool new tool called Touch Bar. Now, we’re telling you why you might want to wait a little bit longer before making a purchase.

One of the biggest Apple analysts on the planet says that the company is planning on dropping MacBook Pro prices in 2017. Additionally, King-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that next year’s model could feature a 32GB of RAM option, according to 9to5Mac.

Kuo notes that the anticipated price drops would occur during the second half of next year. Whether Apple introduces a 32GB of RAM option largely depends on Intel.

He notes that this is dependent upon whether or not Intel releases its Canonlake processors in time, though.

Kuo explains that the Canonlake CPU with LPDDR 4 RAM consumes 15 percent to 25 percent less power than existing CPUs, thus allowing that power saving to be allotted to additional RAM. If, however, Intel is late in launching Cannonlake CPUs, Kuo predicts that Apple will adopt Coffee Lake processors, which use LPDDR 3 RAM, making out at 16GB because of power consumption.

Apple introduced three new MacBook Pro models last week. Two of the three feature the new Touch Bar. These start at $1,799.

Currently, 16GB of RAM is the maximum available on the new MacBook Pros. During last week’s “Hello Again” event, Apple’s Phil Schiller said that power consumption was the reason a 32GB option wasn’t offered.

As a 2013 MacBook Pro owner, I’ve been reluctant to upgrade. The KGI analysis is all that I need to hold off until next year. Lower prices and better specs sounds like a great combination, no?

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