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Zenkit: An Easier Way to Organize Your Life and Team

Zenkit: An Easier Way to Organize Your Life and Team

February 14, 2018

Zenkit isn’t the first project management solution to enter the market, but it could be the most beautifully simple one to date. The freemium solution allows you to track projects, organize collections, and brainstorm across multiple devices and platforms. Zenkit for iOS recently received an update that makes the service even more worth your time and consideration.


Advertised as the project management solution that “grows with you,” Zenkit first launched for iOS in October. Since then, the solution has steadily improved as new features and bug fixes have been added.

With Zenkit, you can manage anything you’re working on with unlimited collections, regardless of your subscription level. Better still, you can quickly add or update tasks on the go. Along the way, you can use custom fields, add due dates, members, checklists, and attach files, images, and videos.

You can also search for items across your account with ease.

As a project management solution, Zenkit also offers real-time collaborative tools, which allow you to keep an eye on a project, regardless of your location. Finally, for added flexibility, you can connect related collections to create custom database. In doing so, you can use these connections to gain insights into all of your projects.


As part of the latest Zenkit app update, users are now able to access table and mind map views offline, regardless of the platform. Panel locations in your collections also work offline. In other words, if you change the position of a panel while you’re not connected to the internet, the change is synced across your entire account once you get back online.

To use mind mapping on mobile, you must click “+” to add new items; to move an item, just tap it and move it around the page. To remove an item from the mind map, click on the small “x” icon next to the “+” button.

Using tables in Zenkit looks a lot like the same process on the web. Tapping on a cell allows you to add information. You can also add comments and an “@“ mention. Sorting columns, applying filters, and adding fields on mobile also looks similar.

There are three Zenkit subscription levels currently available.

With Zenkit Personal, you can create teams up to five individuals with unlimited collections and 2,000 items per collection. Attachment space is limited to one gigabyte for this free subscription.


Zenkit Plus, priced at $9 per user per month, is good for up to 20 users and offers unlimited collections, 5, 000 items per collection, 5GB attachment space extra customization tools, and early access to new features.

Finally, with Zenkit Business ($29 per user per month), you can have unlimited users and collections, 100,000 items per collection, 20GB attachment space, priority support, and more.

Zenkit shows a lot of promise and I can't wait to see how it grows over the coming months and years. You can download Zenkit from the App Store or access your account online.