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Lost Osmo: Adventures
Lost Osmo: Adventures

Get Osmo Back To His Home Planet In Lost Osmo: Adventures

January 15, 2013

Lost Osmo: Adventures (Free) by Braydon Batungbacal is a survival adventure game to help get Osmo back home. He’s crash landed on a distant planet and needs your help to get back to his own world level by level. Every level is beaten by surviving for one minute and taking as little damage as possible. The game features 30 different levels to play through.

Although he’s far away from home, Osmo is a capable little alien. He can swim for a short amount of time as you tap on the screen to keep him afloat. He can also jump high and run quickly.

By tilting your iDevice, you can move Osmo from side to side. Tapping on the screen helps Osmo to jump up, and tilting the iDevice at the same time will help Osmo jump in a particular direction. The farther you tilt your iDevice, the father Osmo will jump.

Osmo is encountering strange obstacles and creatures in this new world. There are flying little aliens that dive bomb at poor Osmo, and he needs to dodge them to keep his health meter up. Some of them look like little flying blobs, and there are even flying pigs.

Osmo also needs to avoid things like spikes. This game is extremely kid-friendly even with the spikes. There’s no blood. The health meter simply keeps dipping until Osmo gets to safety.

Each level is ranked by stars. The stars are earned by how high your health meter is at the end of the timer. As you take more damage throughout the level, you lose more stars.

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