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survival games

How long can you survive on the Last Horizon?

Do you have what it takes to survive in the cold and dark depths of space?

The bleating dead: Goat Simulator gets zombified in new GoatZ survival game for iOS

Goat Simulator GoatZ steps up the apocalyptic absurdity game by factoring in the undead.

Bit Journey is a retro hack-n-slash game about surviving in a world gone mad

There's never a dull moment when you're in an apocalyptic world.

Amazon Game Studios unleashes Lost Within horror survival game on iOS

Amazon has released its first game for iOS under its Amazon Game Studios banner.

Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy dev challenges you to survive in Radiation Island

In Radiation Island, you’re stuck in an alternate reality where you must strive for your survival.

Capture bears and survive the cold, harsh mountains of Bear Winter, a challenging puzzle game

Swipe and gather resources to survive a harsh winter in this challenging and unique puzzle game.

You're bound to get addicted to the new Pivvot-like avoidance game Linebound

Pivvot too hard for you? Then check out the recently released endless arcade avoidance game Linebound.

'Robopocalypse' author releases Mayday! Deep Space voice-controlled survival game

Mayday! Deep Space is a hybrid of a video game and an audiobook.

Drain your foes before they kill you in the fast-paced action of Absorption

This action-packed arcade game will absorb you in with its challenging gameplay.

Make Like John Cleese In Monty Python's The Ministry Of Silly Walks

Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks lets you amble and dawdle through the streets of London while dodging obstacles and collecting coins.

Keep Your Swimmers Alive In Zoa

Control a school of single-celled organisms in this interesting survival game for the iPad.

EEK! Watch Out For Incoming Asteroids

Avoid collision in the middle of an enormous asteroid field in this tilt-control arcade game for the iPhone and iPad.

These Jump Dewds! Are As Cute As A Button And As Jumpy As A Rabbit

Jump your way to riches with this tilt-to-play universal game of survival. Grab a friend for head-to-head combat with Dewd Vs. Dewd mode.

Zip Zap Zooms Into The App Store, Download It For Free

Zip around in space, zapping asteroids on your supped up space board.

Final Boom!HD Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Hop in your tank and try to survive against waves of enemies. Unlike other defense games, you’re all alone, with no extra weapons.