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Challenge Yourself With The Elegant Puzzles In Stickets

June 24, 2013

is one of the hardest puzzle games that you can buy for your iPhone. If you love challenges, then this will be a must-have.

Seriously, who can get enough puzzles on the iPhone? It’s the perfect device for the genre, and it’s always fun to have new puzzle games. However, most of them are not that different from each other, piggy-backing off of other popular titles, such as Bejeweled. Fortunately, Stickets is a completely new and unique concept, making it stand out in the crowd.

If you’ve played Letterpress, then the interface of Stickets should not surprise you. It’s “flat,” simple, and incredibly responsive. Animations in the app are fast and fluid, with no lags or delays. While there isn’t much music, the game does have some whimsical sound effects during play.

There are three game modes in Stickets: Space, Time, and Puzzle. Only Space will be available in the beginning, and you must unlock the other two by scoring at least 50 in Space. The Space mode is basically the “classic” game, while Time makes you try and get as many points as you can in a certain amount of time, and Puzzle requires getting solutions in a limited amount of moves.

So far, I’ve yet to score 50 in Space mode to unlock the other two — it’s quite a challenge! Because of this, I can only describe how to place Space mode, though I’m sure that the other modes will work in a similar fashion. There is a 5×5 grid on the screen, and four different arrangements of colored blocks at the bottom of the screen. You simply drag the piece you want onto the grid, and a new one will replace it at the bottom. Once you place it on the grid, you can’t move it again, so think carefully before making your decision!

When you have three or more squares of the same color grouped together, you can tap on the chunk to remove them from the grid, and also get a point. The game will end once you run out of space, which can end up happening sooner than later if you aren’t careful. As you can imagine, getting at least 50 on this mode alone can take some time, so it may be a while before getting to the other two game modes.

Additionally, there are themes available in Stickets, similar to what you found in Letterpress. There are only two other themes at the moment, but hopefully more are added in the future. Currently, you will need to score 25 in Space and another 25 in Time to unlock the two available themes, so at least there is new stuff to motivate you to keep playing (if the challenge isn’t enough).

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there is also full Game Center integration for leaderboards (Space and Time), as well as four achievements to obtain. Even though it’s only four achievements, they will take you quite a while to complete, since they involve getting 50 in the game modes, as well as unlocking the other themes. Competitive people should love having leaderboards in the game, as it really gives you a chance to show off to your friends.

Stickets is a challenging puzzle game that is a true test of skill. If you are up to it, you can find Stickets in the iPhone App Store for $2.99.

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