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War of Words 2
War of Words 2

See Who's The Better Wordsmith Among Friends In War Of Words 2

July 9, 2013

War of Words 2 (Free) by Everplay is Scrabble with a twist of strategy and RPG. If you are a fan of word games and strategy, then this game will definitely intrigue you.

Remember Words with Friends? Yeah, me too. While I did enjoy it for a while, the gameplay itself got a bit old and repetitive. And while War of Words 2 may look very similar to WWF, let me assure you — it is better in every way.

While WWF only allowed you to play one other person at a time, War of Words 2 gives players the option to play with up to three other people, so each game can hold four people at once. Already, this adds much more depth to the game than the competition. Players can log in with Game Center and add anyone who already has the game to a new battle, while also sending invites to everyone else.

However, I do get irritated at the fact that each time I go to start a new game and look for Game Center friends, the game will prompt me each time to invite my entire friend list to play. I hate spamming people, so having to say “No” each time is really tedious — if I say “No” once, repeatedly asking me won’t change my mind. I hope the developers can remove this recurring prompt.

In each game, players will have their rack filled with eight letter tiles. The first player, like in all other games of this nature, will need to create a word with the star tile in the center of the game board. There are also double and triple point letters and word squares on the board that will give you an edge over the opposition, especially if used properly.

To spell out words, all you need to do is drag the letter tiles in your rack onto the board in the proper placement. If the word is actually playable and not gibberish, you will see the “Play” button light up — if it’s not an actual word, then the button will remain grayed out. Each properly spelled word will earn you points, depending on the point value of each tile. These points also double as experience points, where you can see your current level and progress at the top of the screen. The higher level you are, the more goods you unlock to get the advantage over your opponents.

As you gain levels, be sure to check out The Armory, as this is where you will find out about new action tiles that you’ll have access to. The game has up to level 20, and a new action tile will be unlocked as you level up. To actually get them in your arsenal, though, you will need stars to purchase them. Stars are earned when you complete and win games. The action tiles will replace letter tiles when you have them, but they are much more valuable.

Additionally, if you want to keep track of every move that is made during a game, you can thanks to the Log feature. This is essentially a combat log, and will show detail about the words played and how much they’re worth, and whenever an action tile is used. There are also detailed statistics for all players, which is great if you want to get to know your competition a bit.

To wrap up the unique twist on basic word game mechanics, War of Words 2 features an attractive, colorful interface, although it can feel a bit cluttered with all of the buttons.

Still, despite the annoyances (constant prompt of spamming), I highly recommend War of Words 2 to anyone who likes Scrabble-like word games with a unique twist. You can get War of Words 2 as a universal download in the App Store for free.

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