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word game

Master the Art of the Novella in Paperback: The Game

Paperback: The Game is now on iOS and it's a breath of fresh air for the word game genre.

Clear the Grid by Spelling the Best Words in AlphaPit

AlphaPit is a challenging new word game that wordsmiths should check out.

Can you arrange the letters right to complete Word One?

Don’t be fooled, there is only one correct answer in this new word game.

Solve clues with movie titles in the puzzler Marquee Mash

What can you make out of the movies “Beaches” or “Sherlock Holmes?” Solve the puzzles to find out.

Master the levels to be a word king in Wordy Pop Word Search

When’s the last time you tried a new word search game? This one offers three fun ways to play.

Become a grammar warrior in Sentence Wars

It’s a battle of silly sentences in this entertaining, new, two-player word game.

Rustle up some puzzle fun with Texas Word’Em

See if you can hold your own in this word and trivia combo game.

Swap, unscramble and decipher in Jumbl

A new word puzzle game will have you unscrambling letters, but making your moves carefully.

Alpha Omega brings elegance to a challenging word game

Unscramble the letters using clues in this relaxing, appealing word game.

Can you guess the FirstLetter before time runs out?

Try this new word game on your Apple Watch, but beware.

The new Languinis: Match and Spell adventure has you making words by matching gems

Save the little Languinis in this tile-matching, word-creating combo.

A big update to Letter Rain brings achievements and reusable raindrops

It’s raining letters and you have 60 seconds to create as many words as you can.

Exercise your brain with the best word games for your iPhone

Play word games to expand your vocabulary.

Words and music come together to form Alphabeats, a unique and challenging word game

Alphabeats is a word game that is unlike any you've ever played before.

Spell To The Beat In Alphabeats, An Upcoming Music-Based Word Game

Alphabeats could be the most exciting word game we've seen yet.

Wordrop Goes 2.0 With New Game Modes, Leaderboards, Achievements And More

Wordrop it like it's hot in the popular puzzle game's 2.0 update.

Spell And Conquer Your Way Through In Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey

Word game fans are in for a treat with Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey.

Put Your Vocabulary To The Test In ALPHA 9

ALPHA 9 is a word game with enough originality to make it one of the more challenging games you'll get your hands on this week.

Quibbler Is A Beautiful New Take On A Classic Word Game

Miss the classic game board and tile rack of that classic word game? It's brought back to life in the brand new Quibbler.

It's A Battlefield Of Wits And Vocabulary In Wordbase

Do you have what it takes to outwit your opponent's vocabulary? Find out in this brand new game from Robocat and Aller International.

Unravel Fine Words Of Wisdom In Alpha Zen

It's time to put words together and uncover some great quotes in the calming and charming puzzle game, Alpha Zen.

Fend Off The Dark Magic With Your Wordsmith Skills In Disney's Words Of Wonder

Disney takes a whirl into the word game genre with this charming title.

Better Letter Provides A Nice Change Of Pace For Word Games

Spice things up with your word games with Better Letter.

In Blackbar, Censorship Becomes The Ultimate Game

Who knew an interactive text game could be so addictive?