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Hungry Sushi Cat
Hungry Sushi Cat

Hungry Sushi Cat Has A Refined Palate For California Rolls And Bombs

January 9, 2013

Hungry Sushi Cat (Free) by vitapoly inc. is a rhythmic feeding frenzy game. Your cat, Nomnom, is a huge fan of sushi. What cat wouldn’t be? Nomnom even dreams of eating sushi. To help its dreams come true, tap on the sushi at just the right moment to feed the cat.

The sushi will fly up to the cat’s mouth from the bottom corners of the screen. Once the sushi comes near the cat’s mouth, you tap on the screen to feed your kitty. It sounds simple, right? Is anything ever simple when it comes to feeding a cat? Try opening a can that doesn’t contain cat food near a feline and get back to me about how well that goes over.

This game is no different. There are bombs that are mixed in with the sushi. You can’t just go on a tapping frenzy and hope to win that way. You have to let the bombs fly by so that they don’t hurt the cat.

You earn sushi points every time you feed Nomnom a piece of sushi. You can spend these points on extras to help you play the game. These extras are bonus sushi points, slower item movement, and weakened bomb effects. The price for these extras is outrageous. You could buy extra sushi points through in-app purchases, but the extras don’t enhance gameplay. For anyone who is interested, the in-app purchases run between $0.99 and $9.99.

You can also buy the premium version of the game. The free version allows you to only reach level five, but the premium removes that cap. You also get 15,000 sushi points, and it’ll remove the ads.

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Hungry Sushi Cat
Hungry Sushi Cat
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