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Let Out Your Inner Movie Kritk With This Hot New Release

August 8, 2013

Kritk (Free) by Bonfire Tides is the alternative to Rotten Tomatoes you never knew you wanted. Although Rotten Tomatoes is already a great service for rating and learning about movies, you may want to rethink your source after checking out this app.

Kritk is a small social network for rating movies, where, unlike with Rotten Tomatoes, everyone is a critic. Yes, even you can be one too. The service seems to be taking the Instagram approach, meaning they are iPhone-only at the moment. There is also basic Web access over at, but users can only post reviews, watch trailers, and connect with others from within the app. Since the service is brand new, the community of users is unique, full of users such as you and I.

The app itself is extremely simple. Upon launching it, the main section is displayed which shows new releases and movies trending during the current week. The activity of your Facebook friends and those you follow on Kritk is also shown. From here, you can also search for any movie. Once you find a movie, its information page will load, showing the average star rating, the option to view details or a trailer, and written reviews. Limited to 150 characters, the reviews are concise, thus eliminating the burden of long-winded analysis. In my opinion, it is the character limit that enables Kritk to provide “movie reviews you’ll actually care about.”

Kritk also acts as a social network. As you rate movies and discover new aspects of the app, you’ll earn badges, which will then show up on your profile. You can also follow other users, and if two users follow each other, they are considered friends. The only thing that Kritk is actually lacking, as far as I can tell, is the ability to search for a user. I can tell you that my username is “dbcel,” but there’s no point in doing so if there’s no way for you to actually find me. It seems that the only way to find another user’s profile is by coming across one of their reviews.

When I began using Kritk a couple of weeks ago, only a handful of individuals had access to the app. Consequently, I expected the app to seem dead at the time. Instead, and to my surprise, all of the movies under the New Releases section already had many reviews. The amount present at the time seemed more than sufficient, and it is obviously expected that the number should increase quickly with today’s public release of the app.

(If you cannot view the video embedded above, you can also find it here on Vimeo.)

To get more movie reviewing bang for your character count, you’ll want to check out Kritk for iPhone. After all, it’s free in the App Store, so what are you waiting for?

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