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... and then it rained
... and then it rained

A Storm Is Coming In The Unique iOS Arcade Game, And Then It Rained

May 6, 2014

If you’re looking for a game to help you unwind, but is unlike anything you’ve ever played before, then you should look no further than … and then it rained ($1.99) by Megagon Industries. This is truly one of those zen-like games that you can sit down with for hours on end.

I find no better way to relax than with some games on my iPhone. I have long days quite often, and by the end of it, I’m just ready to sit down and play some games — I’m pretty sure we all do, right? What I love about iOS is the fact that the platform has brought so many special games to us, and with … and then it rained, this is no exception.

I stumbled upon … and then it rained on the App Store as I was doing my daily perusing of new apps to try out. The first thing that caught my eye with the game were the visuals. They were minimal, clean, and yet elegant at the same time. These simplistic graphics seem to be all the rage lately, so I was definitely intrigued. You have seven colors, with each representing a “tower,” and then singular drops of the same color falling in from the top of the screen. The animations are beautiful and smooth, without any lag on my iPhone 5s.

To top things off, … and then it rained features a calming and tranquil ambient soundtrack that is an absolute delight to listen to. It’s basically, as the name of the game suggests, the sound of rain (white noise), so it’s very soothing. While you can always play it through your iPhone’s speakers, it is recommended to use a good pair of headphones to fully enjoy the game. There are also whimsical sound effects that you’ll hear as you play, which are delightful as well.

While the game seems pretty serene, having you just collect the colored drops of rain into their corresponding towers, it is actually much more challenging than that. As you get farther in levels, you will have multiple drops fall at the same time, so you’ll need to catch both together, or the rate at which they fall will increase, sending you into a panic to make sure that the towers are in place. Sometimes, you’ll even have to deal with drops of every color coming at once, but at least you get a few seconds to prepare your towers before all of the drops fall. The game will truly test your fast thinking and reaction times.

To move the towers around, all you need to do is tap-and-drag them around and make sure they are where they’re supposed to be before the drops come down. The more successful catches you get, the bigger the tower gets. However, if you miss and the drops fall onto the wrong color tower, that that tower’s size will diminish — don’t miss too many, or you will fail the level. The game is definitely harder than it looks at first.

There are actually three game modes to the game: Classic, Quick Play, and Hurricane. In Classic, you will go through multiple levels, with each one increasing in difficulty as you advance. Quick Play has two modes itself: Relaxing or Challenging. In these, you’ll have to finish an objective for each round, such as completing all towers. If you’re good enough to complete all 48 levels in the normal mode, then you will unlock Hurricane, which is what I would think as a “hardcore” mode. I can’t confirm exactly what it is, though, because I have yet to unlock it myself.

Your score on levels will depend on how many drops you caught and how big your towers got. However, if you missed any, these will deduct points from your final score, so be careful.

This is also a great little game to put Game Center to work. There are four different leaderboards (level, easy, hard, hurricane modes) and a total of 44 achievements to earn, which add to 605 points. So as if the game already didn’t have enough replay value, the Game Center integration just validated it.

I’ve been loving … and then it rained since I’ve downloaded it over the weekend. The white noise soundtrack is stunning, and I am in love with the no-frills appearance. The gameplay itself can be either relaxing or challenging, which is actually pretty nice to have (pick what you’re in the mood for), and it’s unique enough to stand on its own in the App Store, which can be pretty rare these days, with all the clone games and whatnot.

If you are in the mood for an arcade game that can be either peaceful or difficult, then I highly recommend that you check out … and then it rained. You can grab it on the App Store for yourself as a universal download for $1.99.

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... and then it rained
... and then it rained
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