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Arcade video game classics like pac-man, frogger, and brickout. Allo fht eclassic video games before there were dedicated consoles that lived in standalone machines. Find out the best ones that have been ported and refreshed for the iPhone touch screen.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition

    by NAMCO BANDAI Games

    There are many Pac-Man games in the App Store. The main concern with every version until Championship Edition was the controls. Namco has included four offering with two that provide the control needed for the fast pace of this pac-man version. The controls still aren't perfect, but definitely good enough to succeed. What really makes it essential is the gameplay that reinvents the classic pac-man. The game is split up into two sides, and when you complete one side, and creates more dots in an advanced layout on the other side. Also the game is survival for five minutes rather than endless like the traditional to give you a feeling of completeness. The production values are top notch in every way, and it makes Pac-Man even more fun. This is the best arcade game in the App Store.

  • $4.99

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    by TAITO Corporation

    The Space Invaders franchise got a reboot with Infinity Gene. The iPhone version allows you to tap on your ship, and drag your finger around. What makes this game so special is that it changes everything you would think of Space Invaders. Instead of just one block of alines the enemies keep evolving to come from anywhere, and do anything at super high speeds. You can upgrade you ship as well, and their are boss battles too. An amazing arcade experience anywhere, and especially for the iPhone. The visuals are relatively basic, but so good because of it as a shout out to the past. The game does get difficult pretty quickly so be prepared. An essential game that sits just below pac-man by a small degree.

  • $0.99

    Radial 50 - 360° Brick Breaker

    by Roundthird Interactive LLC

    Classic brick break style game with a unique spin. The paddle spins 360 degrees, and you work your way inwards through circles of bricks. Unlike traditional brickout, you just have to make it to the diamond in the center rather than clearing all of the bricks. The best brickout type game for the iPhone, that uses a drag mechanic on a dial to move the paddle. Tons of power-ups and achievements as well as deluxe online high scores. Fun and challenging at the same time. It would be nice to have a special quick start mode so you don't have to play the same opening levels after you lose. Essential, just not as good as the amazing refreshes to the classic listed above.

Notable Apps

  • $2.99

    Earth Vs Moon

    by Low Five Games

    A missile command type game that is a real standout for a few reasons. First it's refreshed for the 21st century in terms of graphics, and even includes a story. Maybe the best aspect especially in practice is being able to tap where you want to fire the missiles. The interface works really well, and their are also boss battles changing up the traditional gameplay mechanic. Really close to being an essential game, but there are three better choices, as it''s still just missile command, and doesn't switch it up as much as the reinventions above.

  • $0.99


    by Konami Digital Entertainment

    Frogger just as you would expect without any fancy reinventions of the series like the games listed above. An update to the graphics, and touch screen or tilt controls using iPhone specifics. This is classic frogger, just on your iPhone with nothing different. The controls don't work as good as a physical joystick in the arcade, but not much does. Fun, and with online high scores, but nothing ground breaking for Frogger, so it's ranked a little lower in this category.

  • $2.99

    Vector Tanks

    by Vector Tanks

    Classic tank on tank warfare with retro graphics as well. The gameplay is top notch, and controlling the tanks works well with an early version of dual stick. Lots of action, and power-ups. Surprisingly good animations for the retro style. Fun in very way. It sadly lacks some multiplayer or online high scores. Not ground breaking enough to rank any higher.

  • $0.99

    Space Buster Premium

    by Storybird

    If you want the classic brick breaker style this is the best one in the App store. Just slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to move the paddle. A bunch of power-ups are included plus many dropping items to collect for bonus points. What really shines is the particle effects of each broken brick, plus the varying backgrounds. Top notch classic take, but falls short compared to the revolutionary Radial 50.

  • $0.99

    Vector Ball

    by Gyrocade

    Imagine Pong with a 3D perspective where you hit the ball into the background, and comes at you in the foreground. A really well made game with nice multiplayer. A great take on the classic pong. It does take awhile to get used to, but once you do you'll be having lots of fun. It just looks great as the ball is bouncing toward you as though out of the screen. Little simplistic compared to the games listed above, but if you want Pong look no further.

  • Free


    by Triniti Interactive Limited

    Currently has 19 games in one app. None of the games are stand outs on there own, and all are pretty basic. As a compilation though a really great collection. If you want a bunch of basic versions in one app this is great. If you want the best games for the categories it contains we have appguides for that.

Decent Apps

  • $4.99


    by TAITO Corporation

    Taito brings their classic brick breaker game to the App Store. Just refreshes the classics, and doesn't change the gameplay. It includes two versions of Arkanoid including all of the variation of the later version. Fun brick breaker with a lot of content to give you tons of gameplay. The control is drag a button below the paddle which is just slightly less smooth than in space buster. Overall good, and just a smidge behind Space Buster.

  • $2.99


    by Namco Networks America Inc. Games

    3D Pac-Man which gives you the ability to jump over ghosts among other things. Also included are varying boards with switches, and different interactive items. Also there are multiple boss battles. A good game that goes by relatively quickly. The controls are just manageable, but you may lose a couple of lives because of the. A good pac-man game, but not good enough to be recommended.

  • $2.99

    Dig Dug REMIX

    by Namco Networks America Inc. Games

    Remix of the classic digging and pumping arcade game. The classic game is included as well as a whole new remix. The new game features brand new graphics as well as new underground locations, and even boss battles. Dig Dug is always fun, and the new remix adds a lot to the gameplay. The only concern are the controls where the buttons feel a little too cramped especially for those with larger fingers. It can be managed, but you have to be constantly concerned with it rather than being completely smooth. A fresh take on the classic which is good, but the controls leave it from being higher.

  • $2.99

    Galaga REMIX

    by Namco Networks America Inc. Games

    A brand new game of Galaga. The original version is included as well. The new game has the obvious updated graphics, but also gameplay too with multiple power-up and boss battles. Plays well with great space shooting action in the classic galaga style. Like Dig Dug the controls can feel cramped for some, especially those with larger fingers. Even a bigger deal in the tight moves needed in galaga. Many lives can be lost because of the controls, so you have to be aware of them at all times. Good refresh gameplay, but controls keep it from being ranked higher.

  • $0.99

    Dragon's Lair

    by Electronic Arts

    Although the game looks great it's not without it's flaws that keeps it in the decent category. THe biggest problem is the controls which just don't provide the precision needed in the game. They become more of a hassle than anything else where many times it just doesn't pick up the buttons at the needed time. The game is all about timing, and when the controls interfere with that, the entire game suffers. Noteworthy since it's from EA, and based on a classic arcade game. Not noteworthy in the execution.

  • $1.99

    Pole Position: Remix

    by NAMCO BANDAI Games

    The classic racing game with updated graphics. The remix isn't as big as the other Namco titles, but nice none the less. Multiple control methods that do take awhile to get used to, but then you can control the car pretty well. The game feels simplistic as it's basically the same game from the eighties, no matter how good it was. Doesn't change up the gameplay enough to be ranked in the notable category.

  • $0.99

    Q*Bert Deluxe

    by Sony Pictures Television

    Classic game of Q*bert with the old school game, and an update graphics game. This is just like the arcade version of Q*bert with just variations in visuals. The iPhone controls aren't the best or easiest, and they will take practice. Quite odd is that the playfield is made on a relatively small scale. Much of the screen is just artwork borders for some unknown reason. Too many semi-problems to be ranked any higher. If you're a fan of Q*bert you can look past those concerns. Would have been better if there was a gameplay refresh included.

  • $0.99

    3D Brick Breaker Revolution

    by Digital Chocolate, Inc.

    3D blocks and paddle are included, but the brick breaking isn't in 3D. You still play on a 2D surface though the board extends upward as you clear blocks presenting a whole new board. If you lose on a higher board the ball comes back down to the lower board. Nice animations and power-ups. The gameplay just isn't as engaging as Space Buster, and it runs slower making this more of a yawner than anything. Good, but not good enough to be recommended especially in comparison to the essential Radial 50.

  • $4.99

    Mr. Driller

    by NAMCO BANDAI Games

    Well made with relatively good controls for Namco. Drill downwards and avoid being crushed by blocks you drill below. A simple pick up and play game that is definitely fun. It's not bad, just not good enough to be in a higher category.

  • $1.99

    Star Trigon

    by Namco Networks America Inc.

    Sequel to Mr. Driller that has a whole new gameplay that is more puzzle than anything else. It works well for the touch screen as you connect Planets to collect the special characters. Unique game for the iPhone that is well done by Namco. Doesn't offer much variability in the gameplay, and overall it's like Mr. Drillers. Good, just simply not good enough to be ranked higher.

  • $3.99

    Ms. PAC-MAN

    by BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.

    The classic game of Ms. Pac-Man just on the iPhone. One of Namco's first games, and for that reason the controls are rudimentary. The controls are a hassle at best, and keeps you from enjoying the great Ms. Pac-Man gameplay. If only Namco would update it's older games with the new Championship Edition controls.

  • $6.99


    by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    Suffers the same fate as Ms. Pac-Man above. Ms. Pac-Man is definitely better than original Pac-Man though.

  • $0.99

    Missile Command

    by Atari

    Classic from Atari that pales in comparison to Earth vs. Moon.

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