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Angle Isle
Angle Isle

Don't Have The Shark Jump You In Angle Isle

February 28, 2013

Angle Isle ($0.99) by Rusty Moyher is a “flapform” game. You control a little birdie, who has to eat all of the berries on the isle before being able to fly over to the next one. Don’t worry, the amount of berries per isle only equals a handful.

This is a follow up game from developer Rusty Moyher, who has delivered other 8-bit titles, such as Bloop, and his most popular title, Box Cat. Just like those, this game features the same graphics and chipset music. This addictive flying game looks like it had been ported from an NES classic.

As you fly the bird, you’ll need to pay attention to the feather indicators in the top left corner. Each flap of the wings will deplete them, and no flying will happen until they recharge (which only takes a second).

You’ll need to determine the best way to snag the berries, given your slight limitation.

Oh, and did I mention the giant, angular shark?

He’s looking to chow down on little birdies. You’ll see his fin as he circles back and forth. Once the bird’s “spider-sense” kicks in, you’d better recognize, because old sharky will leap out of the water and munch on anything that comes within reach of his diamond-teeth-rowed maw.

A strong gust of wind will blow across the isle once you’ve gathered all the berries. Catch it to hitch a ride to the next isle. But guess who’s waiting for you there? Yup. The shark.

Two control methods are offered: buttons or flapper. I still haven’t quite figured out how “flapper” works, so buttons worked just fine for me. A left and right button occupy the left of the screen, while the flying button is on the right. You can change the controls at any time by hitting the pause button.

This is definitely a fun and addictive game that brings the nostalgia of playing console games back in the 80s.

Fly over to the App Store to check it out now. Just watch out for any sharks along the way.

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