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Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2

Shelter The Fruits From Acid Rain In Cover Orange 2

June 20, 2013

Cover Orange 2 ($0.99) by FDG Entertainment is the sequel to the original hit, Cover Orange. If you enjoyed the first game, or just love physics puzzlers, then you will need this game.

The original Cover Orange was quite popular, accumulating millions of downloads (I was one of them). I admit, I thought it looked kind of cheesy at first, but I quickly became addicted to it as I played through the levels. Something about wanting to save these cute little oranges just kept compelling me to play more and more. I’m sure that many of you beat all of the original levels, and have been craving for more. Well, the wait ends now, and you can get your fill of adorable oranges with Cover Orange 2!

The game features more of the bright and colorful visuals that we fell in love with in the first game. The various environments look amazing, lush, and detailed. The oranges are vivid, and have cute faces that are just oozing with personality — how could you not want to save these little guys? The animations in the game are incredibly smooth, like butter — I experienced no lag or choppiness during play. The music is also quirky, yet soothing, so it definitely helps you get in the mood to save these fruits.

There are three chapters in Cover Orange 2, with forty levels in each, so there are plenty of puzzles to solve and opportunities to save the oranges. Each level will feature a setup of various objects, sometimes with the oranges already on the stage, and other times requiring you to drop them into the correct spot. The objects that you can use to solve the puzzle will be shown in the top left, and you must use them in order. Drag them around the screen, as long as they are above the indicated line, and then release your finger to drop them onto the stage. A star at the bottom will begin depleting once the level starts, so if you want to keep that star in your final score, you had better act fast!

Once the last object has been used, the acid rain cloud will start coming in from the left side of the screen, and you’d better hope that you solved it correctly, otherwise the orange will die, and we don’t want that. Like the first game, you must watch the entire cloud animation, but there’s a reason to (besides seeing if the citrus survives): a hidden star will be revealed on the level, and you must tap on it to collect it. The star will only be shown for a few seconds also, so you need to be on your toes.

When the cloud is gone, you’ll be done with the level. Your score is dependent on how fast you complete the level, and you will earn a maximum of three stars (speed, completion, and hidden). You can move on to the next level, or go back on the level selection screen and select another unlocked level to play. In order to unlock the other worlds, you will need a certain amount of stars from previous levels, but you can unlock all levels (and upcoming ones) through in-app purchases. Additionally, there is still the helmet power-up (you can buy more through IAPs), which will solve the puzzle for you.

While the sequel will be very similar to the original game, there are some new additions that make this worth getting. Now, you are able to customize your oranges with the dressing room feature, and even share your designs with your friends. And along your journey, you will encounter unique oranges, like knights and pirates.

I enjoyed the first game, and I will be doing the same with this brilliant little sequel. I love the vibrant graphics, music, and the improved, challenging gameplay. If you were a fan of the first, then you will need to pick this one up. Even if you’ve never played Cover Orange, but enjoy physics-based puzzlers, then this game is a must-have.

Get Cover Orange 2 in the App Store as a universal download for $0.99.

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