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physics puzzler

A Chance To Win Bridge Constructor For iPhone And iPad

Here's your chance to win Bridge Constructor for iPhone and iPad!

A Chance To Win The Drop Out For iPhone

We're giving away copies of Digital Poke's brand new physics-based puzzle game, The Drop Out.

Bulkypix Releases Catch The Candy Update - Win A Copy!

We originally reviewed Catch The Candy back in May, and even though we loved the game, there were some issues. With the latest update those problems are now fixed in addition to some great new content. Plus, we have promo codes to give out to some lucky readers!

A Chance To Win A Babes Vs. Robots Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Pyntail in order to offer you a chance to win Babes Vs. Robots ($.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

Help Hooty, Doory, And Woody Find Their Way Home In Silly Owls

Silly Owls is a physics based puzzle game featuring three silly owls and three different types of gameplay. Lovers of physics games will want to check this app out.

Cubes Vs. Spheres Mixes Physics-Based Puzzle Gaming With Tower Defense

If you enjoy physics games, puzzlers, or tower defense titles check out Cubes vs. Spheres. The universal app just received a minor update and offers innovative gameplay, a great art style with colorful visuals, and an intensive combo system. Your goal is to stop incoming waves of cubes from reaching your base by flinging spheres at them.

Check Out 3D Physics Puzzler Bizango Blast

Bizango Blast is a new game to hit iOS and has been created with the Unreal engine. The game's visuals consist of a cartoon art-style that gives it its own personality. Other features include five different worlds and a total of 50 levels to play through.

Gravity Lab! Is The Best Physics Puzzler Since Angry Birds

Gravity Lab! is the best thing to happen to physics puzzling on the iPhone since Angry Birds.

Smoody And Smoody HD Get An Update

Smoody and Smoody HD, have been updated to new versions and offer a new chapter with an underwater theme. A total of 20 new levels have been added, on top of the original 80.

Drop Chicken Simple Physics Puzzler

Drop the Chicken is an engaging puzzler with fun new dynamics. It brings new strategy to the genre and makes for a very engaging game.

The App Store's iPad Game Of The Week: Casey’s Contraptions

Casey's Contraptions is the hottest game on the App Store, and it's getting rave reviews across the board. If you like physics puzzlers or Rube Goldberg machines you have to check this one out.