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Cut The Link
Cut The Link

You Have To Be Quick And On Your Toes To Cut The Links

May 17, 2013

Cut The Link ($0.99) by Prime73 Inc. is a game that’s all about reflexes. If you enjoy titles like Fruit Ninja and 1001 Attempts, then you will enjoy Cut the Link.

No, this is not a different version of Cut the Rope. Cut the Link is not related to that popular franchise, and it’s not really about solving physics-based puzzles with an adorable creature that loves candy. No, Cut the Link is all about staying on top of your toes and being fast, like a cat, or a ninja.

The game has some pretty nice graphics, although they are fairly simple. I mean, you can’t get that detailed with just some shapes and lines, right? Fortunately, Cut the Link is more about the gameplay mechanics, rather than the visuals, so there’s that. Although, for a game like this, I actually like how it looks, as it’s up to par with other puzzle and reflex games out there. The music is a bit catchy and soothing, so it should help you get in the mood to cut links. However, if it bothers you, it can be easily turned off.

There are three game modes in Cut the Link: Waves, Arcade, and Blitz.

Waves will start out slowly, and feature a circle in the middle, which will change color on each level. As you progress, it will also begin to move around, and even twist back and forth. Smaller, colored circles will appear, and they will get linked to the middle circle. Your job is to cut the link of the circles that are of a different color than the one in the center, while making sure to not destroy the link of the ones that are the correct color. You will earn points for destroying the link for circles of other colors, while losing points if you destroy the same colored circles. You can break links by either slashing the rope, or tapping the circles themselves. However, you can earn combo points if you break multiple links at once, so keep that in mind. The game will end once you make three mistakes.

Arcade and Blitz are similar to one another, and will involve linking together same colored circles. In order to do this, tap on a circle and then anywhere on the screen. This will pull in all circles on the screen, and you must cut the link for circles that are different colors. The main difference between Arcade and Blitz is the fact that Blitz moves a little bit faster, and like-colored circles will pop immediately once other colors have been disconnected.

Personally, I found Arcade and Blitz to be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, the modes become a bit easier. However, I still prefer the Waves mode the most, because it’s pretty straightforward.

Every now and then, you will find power-ups showing up on the screen during games. To activate them, you only need to give them a tap. These can range from double score, painting circles to a single color, slowing time, and more. If you see a power-up, make sure to take advantage of it!

There is no shop of any kind in the game, so you don’t need to worry about collecting currency to spend on more power-ups and whatnot. It’s just a game that is all about reflexes, and how quick you are with your fingers. I really like that there’s no extra stuff to worry about, as that can always get a bit irritating.

There is full Game Center integration for leaderboards, but no achievements. However, if you’re all about staying on the top of the leaderboards, this is a nice game for that, as it has the just-one-more mentality behind it.

There’s not much to this game, but it’s a great option for those who are looking for a casual game that will test how fast their instincts are. It may look easy, but it can definitely pick up into a crazy frenzy if you aren’t too careful.

Make sure to check it out in the App Store as a universal download for the limited time price of $0.99. After this introductory sale, the game will be $1.99.

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