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A Picture Says 1,000 Words With GraphicTweets

February 21, 2013

GraphicTweets (Free) by Dario Lencina adds an extra dimension to your tweets. Now, instead of posting a tweet with a picture attached, you can post both as a single merged message.

The app works by superimposing a tweet on top of pictures, which can come from a Flickr global search, Facebook, your camera roll, or by taking a photo. The only requirement is that at least one hash tag must be used.

Selecting the Flickr global search option will automatically populate your hash tag in the search bar, which is nice. Finding other pictures on Flickr is as easy as typing in a new keyword.

Even the font can be customized in the app’s editor. Size, text color, background color, as well as the font itself are all open for modification. The end result is nothing as fancy as fancy as Typic Pro, though I think this app falls more in line with the look and feel of tweets.

From there, you can share on Twitter or even Facebook. In the settings you can choose whether or not you’d like to save your masterwork to your camera roll or not.

Depending on what Twitter client you’re using (AppAdvice’s official choice is Tweetbot), you’ll actually see the picture in your tweet, or just a link to it.

Linking your social networking accounts to the app is as simple as granting permission when the app asks for it the first time. As long as you have it stored on your iPhone, you’re good to go.

The user interface is utilitarian, using nothing more than the interface options typical of an iOS app. What is lacking even more than that, though, is a defined sense of navigation. Once you have composed your tweet and shared it, you’re left on the screen with the finished product.

I would expect that the app would return you to the beginning, but instead you need to go back through the editors until you arrive at the end. The app doesn’t necessarily equate to a nice experience for the user.

This app could use an update, especially in regards to the user interface and navigation. However, I think that the app does exactly what it says, and provides a more unique Twitter experience than other apps of the same ability, such as Typic Pro.

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