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Magic Guard
Magic Guard

Keep The Monsters Away From The Portal In Magic Guard

April 13, 2013

Magic Guard ($0.99) by Nature Byte is an app that challenges you to defend your magic portal from waves of evil warriors.

You have a suite of tools and powerful weapons to help you, but you need to use them wisely as they have to stop a huge number of evil creatures from overpowering you and making their way to the magic portal.

If you’ve ever played Orcs Must Die!, you’ll instantly notice how similar this game is. Not only is the concept the same, but the overall look and feel is very similar too.

At the beginning of each level, you can take your time to find the best places to leave traps. When you tap the “go” button, there’s no going back. You will soon be facing what feels like an unlimited number of evil creatures. If you used your traps wisely, the monsters will have a hard time getting to the magic portal, but if not, you’ll have to use your weapons to stop them.

You move, shoot, and jump with touch buttons and swipe left or right to look around. To aim at your enemies, you tilt your phone in the direction you want the crosshair to go. Although this takes some getting used to, it eventually starts to feel very natural and is something you’ll want to see in other games. Unfortunately for those who don’t like the tilt controls, there’s no way to turn them off.

Setting traps costs virtual money so you need to think about which traps to use and where they should go. You get more money at the end of every wave of attacks so you can add more traps between waves if you have enough time. As you progress through the levels, a variety of new monsters will start to appear, but you also get new traps and weapons that will help you destroy them.

There are only eight levels to get through, but there’s a placeholder that’s promising more levels in future updates. Although I found the easy mode challenging enough, you can test your skills with the harder mode.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Magic Guard. Although some people might not like the controls, I thought they worked surprisingly well.

You can get Magic Guard for iPhone for $0.99 in the App Store.

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