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Best iPhone Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games are perfectly suited for the iPhone as they fall somewhere right in between turn-based and real-time strategy games. If you're unfamiliar, TD games are all about bad guys (usually called creeps) trying to get from one end of the screen to the other as you set up towers along the way in hopes of blowing them to bits before they get to their destination. There is usually time between waves so you can plan your defenses just right while not having to worry about obscuring the on screen action with your fingers.


by Just Kissed Games

While not a graphics powerhouse, Besiegement is probably one of the best when it comes to replay value. TD games usually come in two varieties. In one, creeps come down a predetermined path as you set up towers along the way to try to slow them down or destroy them. In the other, you can actually design your own path using the towers themselves to funnel the creeps. TapDefense is the first type while Fieldrunners is the second. Besiegement is both. It has lots of towers, lots of maps and, if you get into it, will take you endless hours to beat everything.


by Subatomic Studios, LLC

The prettiest of all the TD games and probably the most well known. Fieldrunners, unlike many TD games on iPhone, lets your build the path for the creeps using the towers themselves. But be careful, some enemies can fly right over your towers and straight for the exit - plan accordingly.

Star Defense

by ngmoco, Inc.

While innovative and interesting, Star Defense is not the best TD game. It is very different because creeps move on pre-defined paths on 3D (usually spherical) maps. It requires you to think very differently because the path may wind around the sphere and your tower has a second chance to hit the creep going the other way. The drawback with this game is there is something off about the balance. Even though it's made by iPhone gaming powerhouse Ngmoco, it's just not as much fun as other TD games.


by Critical Thought Games

User reviews for this game are incredibly high - out of roughly 1500 ratings, 1000 are 5 stars. Graphically it is gorgeous and features colorful glowing towers and creeps. The gameplay has all the standard elements, which means that some creeps move slowly and others fast while some towers are strong and only hurt one creep at a time while others can hurt creeps across the entire map.

geoDefense Lite

by Critical Thought Games

A free version of geoDefense with fewer maps. If you're new to TD games, get this or TapDefense first.


by TapJoy

Keep the demons out of heaven! TapDefense is a solid game and a great introduction to tower defense. The defining element in this free game is the money system. You earn money to buy towers in most TD games. In this one, though, you earn interest on whatever unused funds you have at the end of each wave. You can also purchase upgrades to the percentage of interest you get. As the waves get tougher it becomes really important that you earn enough money so that you can purchase and upgrade towers on interest alone. You don't want any lawyers getting into heaven, so make sure you save up that money. I'm serious.

Defender Chronicles - Legend of The Desert King

by Chillingo Ltd

Another very different take on the idea of what a tower defense game is. This game introduces role-playing elements from a 2D platform perspective. Meaning, while most TD games are seen from above, like you're looking down on a board game, Defender Chronicles is seen from the side, like Super Mario Bros. Kill the Orc Hordes!

The Creeps!

by Super Squawk Software LLC

Creeps are living in your closet and you have to stop them before they get to your bed. Colorful cartoon graphics and silly towers define this game. Use glue bottles, flashlights, boomerangs and more to stop them. What matters in any TD game is the gameplay and this one is pretty solid.

7 Cities

by Neptune Interactive Inc.

Pirate ships are trying to navigate the waterways to get to your cities and you're the only one standing in their way. Weapons like the trebuchet, tornado, freeze and lightning towers are at your disposal. What sets 7 Cities apart is the way towers gain experience as they destroy enemies over time - just like a role playing game.

Sentinel: Mars Defense

by Origin8

Defender of Mars, protect Mars from the alien horde! This is pretty standard TD where creeps move on a pre-determined path. However, this game has very strong graphics that nearly matchup with Fieldrunners. The drawback of both games is there are only a few towers so the gameplay doesn't get very dynamic. Give this one a try first before downloading Sentinel 2.

Sentinel 2: Earth Defense

by Origin8

The defender of Mars failed, so now you have to protect Earth from the alien horde. Very similar to Mars Defense, this sequel has just a few added gameplay elements that make it more dynamic. If you haven't played the first one, though, give it a try first as it is cheaper.