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Miner Problem
Miner Problem

Escape The Collapsing Quarry In Miner Problem

November 8, 2013

Miner Problem (Free) by Everplay is an endless runner that oozes with charm. If you’re in the mood for an action-packed runner, then this one will be right up your alley.

I’ve gone through quite a lot of endless runner games, but I still can’t get enough of them. I’m not sure why, but I just find these games to be a lot of fun for the time being, though I do eventually move on to something else, but don’t we all? Miner Problem is definitely a little game I got excited about, especially since I’m a fan of Everplay’s other work, such as the famous Spellsword that came out over a year ago.

In Miner Problem, you’ll find the same vintage, pixelated goodness that is in Spellsword and 1001 Attempts (also by Everplay). If you’re a fan of the retro 16-bit look, then you’ll feel right at home with Miner Problem. The animations and frame rate of the game itself are smooth and fluid, with no lags on my device (iPhone 5s). The soundtrack itself is also quite quirky with chiptune goodness, and the sound effects are delightful.

Working in mines are a dangerous job, you know. Here we have a miner going about and doing his thing, when it seems that the entire cave that he is working in is beginning to collapse, causing a problem. So it’s up to you to help him navigate his way out of the endless tunnel, while collecting as much gold and diamonds as you can.

Like all endless runners, the controls are simple and straightforward. Your miner will run automatically, but you need to help him jump to avoid obstacles and enemies in the mines. Jumping is done with the “A” button, and if you have the power-ups on hand, you can do a longer jump by holding your finger down on the screen, or double jump by tapping again in the air. The “B” button is to use any vehicles you stumble upon, such as the jetpack, hoverboard, and a power-suit that is reminiscent of a football player.

If you’ve played other runners, then you will know how it goes. Run and jump over platforms, obstacles, enemies, and collect any shiny goods that you can find along the way. The power-ups can be bought before the run begins, and the vehicle events will be scattered throughout the mine, with your job being to grab them up to make escape easier.

Once you’re in a vehicle, you will be on limited time, as noted by the amount of fuel or energy that is remaining in the meter on the left-hand side. You will also find refueling items for your current vehicle, so make sure to grab them to extend the use.

The power-ups, however, are purchased with your hard-earned gold coins before you run, and you will only start out with three in the beginning. You can head to the shop to purchase more power-ups and even upgrade your current ones, as well as the vehicles. There are also missions to complete that will net you more coins once they are accomplished, and you can strive for up to three at a time.

The only thing I don’t like about the game is the fact that it will cost you 1000 coins to continue, which is a lot considering that it takes a while to acquire that many coins. I would like to see this cost be a bit more forgiving to players (100 sounds more reasonable, and an increase for each other continue after that), if at all possible. You also need to purchase “power-ups” for something that should be included in the basic game mechanics, and I’m talking specifically about the “extra jump” and “double jump” power-up items. I didn’t really like this, as it feels like the game is trying to push you towards getting more coins for something so essential to these types of games.

Still, for what it’s worth, the game is free and quite entertaining. I enjoy the visuals, chiptunes, and action that goes on, though it does get a bit frustrating when you just barely crash into the side of a platform or a flying enemy. The game itself is free in the App Store as a universal download, so I recommend giving it a download yourself.

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