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endless runner

Show Off Your Spaceship Piloting Skills in Hyperburner

Can you make it to the end in this high speed space flier?

Help Junior fight off the undead in Jr's Mad Dash

Help Junior collect treasure and gems, while punching or avoiding undead and other nasty things.

Hop your way to victory in Jetpack Water Jump

Jump and dive in this new endless runner that lets you race against others.

Get in touch with your spirit animal in Infinite Skater

Get in touch with your wild side with this new infinite runner game from Space Inch.

Free the Smurfs from evil in the adventure Smurfs Epic Run

The Smurfs need your help. Save them from the wicked Gargamel in this fun, new running game.

Nice gets a gift, naughty gets a stinker in Santas Rooftop Run

Make your Christmas deliveries as you hop across the rooftops in this new holiday adventure.

The dead have risen and are ready to eat the living in Zed

Shoot zombies and outrun the darkness in this new post-apocalyptic endless runner.

Grab your snowboard and Shred It! with a fun holiday update

Swish, slide, jump, and enjoy the new features and holiday items in this charming snowboarding game’s recent update.

The quirky vampire returns in Nosferatu 2 – Run from the Sun

Take down the evil aliens as you collect valuable gold in this endless runner, the second in the series.

Run for your life in these endless running games for iOS

Need a new game to pass the time? Try one of these endless running games next time you have to wait.

You need skills to survive in Kayos, a minimally futuristic infinite runner

The guy behind Boost 2 has come out with a new futuristic infinite runner, and it's a must-have.

Kayos is a new, futuristic endless runner from the developer of Boost 2

From the developer of Boost 2, Kayos is a new, fast-paced endless runner for iOS.

With Pie In The Sky, you'll need skill to deliver outrageous pizzas to customers in space

Pizza deliveries are much more interesting when they take place in space.

Time your taps and wipe out your foes in Combo Quest, an intense endless time-tap RPG

Are you the tapping champion? Find out in the intense action of Combo Quest.

Put your platformer skills to the test and see how far you can go in 1-bit Ninja Remix Rush

How far can you go in 1-bit Ninja Remix Rush, the fast-paced follow-up to the original stylized retro platformer?

Rescue humans and kill zombies in Dead Run, a challenging endless runner that tests your reflexes

Can you tell the difference between a human and a zombie in a split second? Put your skills to the test in Dead Run, a challenging infinite runner.

Put your speed drawing skills to the test in Impossible Draw, a challenging endless arcade game

Can you draw simple symbols fast enough? Find out in Impossible Draw.

Entwined unites with iOS in Entwined Challenge, a gorgeous action reflex game

Guide the fish and bird souls on their path to evolution in this beautiful new action reflex game from Sony.

Infinitely match and race to the top of the charts in Kapsula

If you enjoy infinite runners, twitchy reflex, racing, and color-matching games, you are going to love Kapsula.

Doppler is a challenging and electrifying new twitch reflex game for iOS

Are your fingers twitchy enough to keep up in Doppler, a fast-paced reflex game?

Can you survive in space when you're all ALONE? Find out in this fast, twitchy runner

ALONE is an intense runner that tests your reflexes and survival skills in space.

Physics-based game Accidental Spelunking makes endless falling fun

This Indiana Jones inspired endless runner makes spelunking in a mine a fun and humorous act.

Santa Ragione's Fotonica is an upcoming iOS runner with a difference

Minimalism is the name of the game in Fotonica, an upcoming runner game for iOS.